The following is an outlined list of the goals I hope to accomplish in the next year. Keep in mind I’m only human, and may not get to everything on the list within the year. (I’ll try my darndest, though!)

  • Switch household cleaning products to environmentally-friendly ones,
    either by purchasing or utilizing home remedies
  • Switch hygiene products to environmentally-friendly ones
  • Begin composting
  • Limit magazine subscription to two magazines
  • Start using large canvas bags for grocery shopping instead of plastic bags
  • Really pay attention to water usage and limit shower time
  • Start re-using ziploc food storage bags, or purchase more washable
    food storage containers instead
  • Research and calculate my carbon footprint and start offsetting it by
    donating to renewable energy companies
  • Research other biodegradable home products, implement as needed
  • Begin taking public transportation to work (this is a BIGGIE)

One Response

  1. Good Luck with your goals Erin! I will check out your blog from time to time to see how you are doing! Betsy

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