Easy Green

The following are some easy ways to start making your home more environmentally-friendly:

  • Carpool or switch to public transportation
  • Switch to biodegradable cleaning products
  • Use cloth napkins instead of paper
  • Purchase energy efficient appliances
  • Only buy recycled paper
  • Recycle
  • Compost
  • Change incandescent light bulbs to flourescent bulbs (CFL’s)
  • Use earth-friendly person hygiene products
  • Don’t use plastic bags – take reusable bags shopping
  • Limit your water and electricity use
  • Reuse ziploc bags or only use washable food storage boxes
  • Disinfect and deoderize with lemon essential oil rather than Lysol spray
  • Patronize green businesses – especially green dry cleaners, who use non-toxic solvents

One Response

  1. bravo little green girl
    any change is a good first step
    awareness is much of the battle

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