First of all, let me get this perfectly straight: I’m not a hippie. Or a granola.
Heck, I’m not even that outdoorsy. I’m just a person who’s concerned about the environment.

Turning Green is a blog written by myself, a married, 32 year old graphic designer, and is a sort of diary detailing my newfound interest in turning my household green. I’ve only just started this process of “greening” my home, so it will be a learning process for not only you, the reader, but also, if not mainly, for myself.

I’ve always been interested in ways to help the environment. I remember writing essays in high school about the diminishing rainforest, and still recall the days of tormenting my parents with the unanswered question, “Why aren’t we recycling?” College refueled my interest in our environment, specifically during my natural science class and our gargantuin term project, involving writing an essay and giving a presentation on a specific way to remedy our looming energy crisis. Our group chose to cover the topic of nuclear energy and the abondoned idea of recycling plutonium rods that are spent in process of creating energy. After doing a ton of research and having multiple discussions with classmates, I realized, for the first time, that our government was not doing its part. And that since they’re not doing theirs, I damn well better start doing mine.

So, years later, I am married and finally own a house. Suddenly, I’m making an even bigger impact on the environment. Inspired by friends, current events, magazine articles and books, I have decided to take my interest in saving the environment even further.

This blog is mainly dedicated to becoming green in the house, but I’m sure I’ll discuss other things green along the way, as well as share links and other fun info. Please feel free to comment with suggestions, ideas, or even gripes. But go easy – I’m pretty new at this green stuff.


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  1. This is admirable 🙂

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