Just like a five year old

When dealing with toddlers, you expect the usual responsibility-skirting that takes place right after something valuable shatters on floor. Unfortunately we also have to deal with this same sort of behavior from our president.

Today Bush spoke from the rose garden about global warming and the impending climate change. As expected, he blabbed his way through his speech, and, just like a five year old, pointed the finger at other high-emission-producing countries saying “if we have to change, then they (China) do too.” Real freaking mature.

Let me just say that I should’ve known better than to turn my head 20 degrees to the t.v. in the gym to hear what Mr. Potato Head had to say. Nothing of what he said was surprising, however aggravating still.

Bush has also been repeatedly rejecting proposed legislation for industry emission cuts. One such proposed bill expected to be taken up by the Senate in June calls for a 19 percent reduction in greenhouse gases by 2025 and about a 70 percent reduction by mid-century from power plants, transportation and industrial sources. Apparently “Mikey doesn’t like it.”

Basically it boils down to the fact that Bush is not willing to threaten any relationships he currently has by passing more drastic bills. And what’s good for W is good for the country, and for that matter the world, right?


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