Who’s Greener?


According to a recent report by Grist, it’s a toss up. Unfortunately, the green-est candidate, Edwards, is now out of the running.

Not surprisingly, both Hillary and Obama have some skeletons in their closets when it comes to environmental choices and business alliances. But honestly, the majority of the American population hasn’t been seriously concerned with being green until recent years, so the fact that both candidates have questionable backgrounds isn’t shocking. Besides, I’m more concerned with what they are planning on doing right now than what they did back in early 90’s.

One thing that really worries me about both Hillary and Obama is their strong interest in biofuels, which, as many of you probably already know, aren’t the most environmentally-friendly alternative fuel sources. Another concern from both candidates – clean coal. Can we please just move away from coal altogether? We need to phase it out, not continue research into making it a permanent energy source. A lot of people, however, are saying that this will never happen, and coal is here to stay. God, I hope not.

My deepest wish is for Edwards to become running-mate to whichever candidate pulls forward. However, this may be a pipe dream, especially since there have been rumors of Edwards’ wife’s health becoming an issue once again. But, if this were to happen, there would be a good chance that Edwards’ bold climate and energy plans would rub off onto his superior.

So who am I pulling for at this moment? I gotta be honest. I didn’t attend my caucus because I just wasn’t 100% sure who I wanted. And at this very moment, I still don’t. Like every Democrat, I just want the candidate that will have the best chance at beating McCain.

While the idea of having yet another conservative in the White House makes me want to vomit, I have to give props to both Romney and McCain regarding their energy plans. Both candidates strongly support the idea of alternative energy and fuel sources, using the argument of cutting international dependencies as the main motivator. It just goes to show, green is not Red or Blue.


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  1. Great post! I think the media (and regular peeps like you and I) need to push the candidates to address more Green issues during their campaigning. Clearly, I’m taking a page out of Al Gore’s book here, but it’s true: the future of our planet is no distant second to the economy and war in Iraq – they’re all topline issues.

    OK, off soapbox now…

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