"The problem in my life and other people's lives is not knowing what to do, but the absence of doing it." – Peter Drucker
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Compost tumbler – check.


After talking about it for almost a year, I finally ordered my super cool compost tumbler. This baby is fully loaded – made of 95% recycled materials (including plastic bags), it boasts a central aeration system, is completely portable, virtually rodent and animal proof (hopefully that will keep Baxter out!), and makes compost in 4-6 weeks.
AND it’s under warranty for 10 years.

I’m very excited about this because this is another goal that I had for myself in being more green. Now I can dispose of my kitchen scraps and other compostables properly, rather than throwing them into a landfill.

I’m also excited to start using this bad boy. I actually tried to start a compost pile at my last place of residence, but it didn’t really pan out. I had to build a makeshift wire cage around it to keep my dog Baxter out, which in turn made it extremely difficult to turn the pile as it needed. This tumbler will make my job so much easier and will keep out furry critters.

Unfortunately this is not the cheapest alternative to composting – the whole unit cost me $235 including shipping. I ordered it on ebay, through the Wheatgrasskits ebay shop. But it’s worth it to me.

Some other places online that sell this tumbler: Cleanairgardening.com, Urbangardencenter.com, and Organiccomposter.com.



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