Green resolutions for 2008


It’s a good time to sit back and take a look at my current greening progress, and evaluate what areas I still need to work on and what things I need to keep doing. Here’s how it breaks out:

Practices to maintain:

  • Diligent recycling
  • Implementing natural/biodegradable cleaning
    and grooming products into the home
  • Shopping with reusable bags
  • Turning off lights and power sources when not in use
  • Reusing plastic bags and other non-recyclable item
  • Using sponges for clean-up rather than paper towels
  • Lower thermostat

Practices to implement:

  • Composting
  • Stop using ziploc bags, use only reusable containers
  • Take quicker showers
  • Offset carbon footprint from car
  • Research carpooling options
  • Research solar panel installation for home

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