Some parental be-bunking

At brunch last Sunday, my Dad and I really got into it about global warming and the green effort.

Dad is a Geologist and a very, very smart man. He’s written books for his field that I could never even begin to comprehend. And yet, he refuses to agree that man is mainly to blame for the current global warming problem, theorizing that the problem probably has more to do with nature’s own carbon emissions (volcanic erruptions, etc.). Needless to say I was pretty stunned hearing this from him, and found myself stammering to come up with a good rebuttle to his statements. Tonight, while surfing the web for ideas for an upcoming project, I stumbled across this website, which explains that the earth is naturally equipped to filter large amounts of carbon emissions – but unfortunately humans are producing it at a faster rate than the earth is equipped to deal with. Thus, the problem we are now finding ourselves in. For more information, CLICK HERE.


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