Lots going on

Last week I finished designing a 56-page magazine called, “The List,” which is inserted into both The Denver Post and Rocky Mountain News on Thanksgiving Day. Basically the publication is a product-oriented piece, with a slight focus on local Denver merchants – though this year we sort of strayed a little from that.

Anywho, amazingly they let me write and design an “Eco-Friendly Gifts” page that included a sidebar on how to green your Christmas. It turned out really well and I was so happy I got to do it. Needless to say, I managed to squeeze in some other green-related info here and there throughout the rest of the mag, like on the pet gifts page and in a sidebar about Christmas trees.

In addition to The List opportunity, I’m also gearing up to design the Denver Newspaper Agency’s Green Guide, which will be distributed to employees. The guide is going to act solely as a resource guide for greening one’s day-to-day work practices; ie. recycling, using less paper, turning off computers, transportation, etc. Not surprisingly I’ve already run into a couple walls – having to do with transportation and office supplies. There’s a little confusion as to whether the company orders post-consumer paper or not. The paper we have supplied in our department is 30% post-consumer, but other sources are telling me that the company orders just regular paper. Bottom line, I’m sure I’ll be uncovering some interesting info along the way with all this.


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