Facing a dilemma

I’m having a REALLY hard time with this one.

My husband (who works in the same office as I do) and I applied for a parking spot in our building a LONG time ago. We drive in to work together everyday and have to blow money on parking in lots blocks away. Normally we run a little late to work everyday, too, so this adds to our irritation. Today I just got word from HR that our name finally came up on the waiting list for a spot and we can get one. Needless to say I was ecstatic – no more having to pay hefty parking fees and no more coming in late. Plus, the convinience of it is mind-blowing.

HOWEVER, this goes against my goal to become less car-reliant and to start taking public transportation. I’m stuck. What do I do? I’ve wanted a parking spot for so long now, and it’s so much easier than adjusting to the bus schedule. Plus, we have access to this parking spot on weekends, should we ever want to come downtown for dinner, drinks, what-have-you.

I’m trying desperately to justify driving into work everyday. The only positive I’ve come up with is that my husband and I carpool together, so that cuts one person’s carbon emissions. Also, I would offset my car’s carbon emissions with TerraPass, donating about $50 per year to renewable, emission-free energy sources. But, when you think about it, is that REALLY helping? Am I trying to take the easy way out?

My other thought was to put out on email through our office to see if anyone lives near my husband and I and if they’d be interested in carpooling to work. This would eliminate yet another person’s carbon emissions.

Like I said, I’m stuck. What makes matters worse, my husband would KILL me if I gave away our parking spot. Any opinions, thoughts, ideas?


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