More bad habits revealed!

Now that I’ve decided to adhere to more green practices, I’m starting to notice all the little bad habits I have when it comes to wastefulness. For instance, Starbucks coffee cups. Why is it that I need to have that clean, white paper cup everyday for my coffee? Why am I not bringing in my fancy schmancy aluminum coffee mug that I just HAD to get for my car? And do I REALLY need to add the paper heat shield thingy to my paper cup? I mean, is it really that hot? Bottom line – start using reusable mugs for coffee at Starbucks.

Also, the whole styrafoam problem. Why, oh why do grocery butchers insist on using plastic-wrapped styrafoam to encase meat cuts? Unfortunately the only way to remedy this problem is to have the butcher cut meat fresh at the counter – they will normally wrap it up in butcher paper there. But good luck trying to pin down a butcher at counters in Safeway, King Foods, etc. They’re never there, it seems. In contrast, grocers like Whole Foods and Wild Oats usually have butchers behind the counter constantly.


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