Perfect grocery bags

After a little sleuthing, I found these yummy bags to use for my grocery shopping. They’re colorful, they’re sturdy, they’re foldable, and most importantly, they’re cheap. These babies are available at Gaiam and you can either buy each bag individually, or as a set. They’re really supposed to be recycling bags – each bag has a tag on the front indicating paper, plastic and cans. But you can purpose these for practically anything. To me, they’re the perfect grocery bag, as they resemble the shape of paper grocery bags – perfect for stacking items in an organized fashion. And who are we kidding here – they’re a steal at $6 each or $15 per set of 3. One goal realized!


One Response

  1. I LOVE Gaiam! You don’t know how many times I’ve tried to start using bags like that to shop for groceries though. I ALWAYS forget to take them in and no matter what I do I just can’t remember. Besides, we repurpose the plastic ones for trash bags in the office and bathroom (and for dog poo)… but maybe that’s just an excuse. 😉

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