Waste not, right?

Like I said, I’m still in the beginning phases of greening my house. So naturally, I still have half-full bottles of non-green (all this terminology, I swear!) cleaning and household products. My dilemma has been, do I trash all this stuff so I can start using biodegradable products? But in my mind, that doesn’t seem right. That just seems contrary to the whole thing I’m trying to do here. So, I’ve decided to use up everything I currently have in my cupboards (which isn’t a whole lot, thankfully) and then start fresh. But, at the same time, am I causing more harm by actually using the products versus throwing them away? If anyone has any suggestions, please share. In the meantime, I guess I’ll stick with my plan of using things until they run out.

One green product that I’ve started using, in place of Lysol Antibacterial multi-purpose cleaner, is Sprayway multi-purpose cleaner. I picked up a 4 pack of these babies at Costco a few weeks ago. I have to be honest, so far, it doesn’t cut grease quite as much as I’d like, but, it’s 99% biodegradable and made with organic, non-toxic materials. Plus it’s smells SO much better than the Lysol crap – a nice citrus scent. In contrast, it’s perfect for my granite countertops, which by nature require a mild cleaning product. However, I think I’d definitely prefer a cleaner with a little more bite, but since I bought a four-pack, I’m going to have to stick with the Sprayway for now.


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