TG’s inagural post


Well, here I go. Joining the masses of other bloggers exposing parts of their life to fellow exhibitionists. But really, I’m no innocent in this arena – I have a couple other blogs already under my belt.


This one’s different, though. This is primarily dedicated to my endeavor to
make my household “green,” or in normal terms, environmentally-friendly.

For the next year, my goal is to start replacing household items with more environmentally-friendly ones (ie. household cleaners, personal hygiene products) and to start implementing green practices, such as composting, using less water and energy, and using canvas bags for groceries. The biggest goal I have is to start taking public transportation. This is no easy feat for me, as I’m not a fan of getting up any earlier than I already have to. Hopefully, it’ll work out!


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  1. I am a big proponent of the reusable shopping bag when at the store. I bought a few of these babies about one year ago. In the cool stores, I get compliments for my chic bags. In the not-cool stores, I get a look from the cashier like, “I really am more comfortable using one plastic bag for every two items you purchase.” I often tell them to “stuff it” – well up to 25 lbs. anyway. I love these so much that I thought I would share on Erin’s web site! Here is where they are and where you can get them:
    Happy shopping!

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